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Okay, it's 2021... What's next?

What's up yall! It's Dre here! It's 2021 already and we are still dealing with COVID-19, Trump leaving office, COVID-19 Vaccinations, super limited stock of XBox Series X's, S's, and Playstation 5's. 2021 has been a rough start. But as for us (Asteroid Muziq Productions) we are heading NO WHERE BUT UP!!! Here's what we have coming up!


Asteroid Muziq is now LIVE on Twitch! You can check out our CEO and Grammy Nominated Producer Dre the Producer on his twitch representing AMP making live music on the spot! We use the music to sell, and (if good enough) for ourselves! We would LOVE for you guys to be apart of the music making experience with us! Be sure to check us out on Sunday's, Monday's and Tuesday's! We make music and play video and board games! If you are enjoying the content and would like to listen to exclusive music and news of AMP, be sure to follow and subscribe to receive notifications when Dre is live! We look forward



We are very excited to announce our very first EP coming soon! We've been working tirelessly on perfecting our gifts and polishing up this amazing music to live up to the "Grammy Nominated" brand we are building! The official title for the EP is "Khoas with a Kiss". The 2 singles that we released last year ("On Guard" & "Straight Trippin") are also apart of this masterpiece. There will be a total of 7 tracks on this EP. You now have heard 2 so we have 5 more that will completely take you on an emotional journey! There are so many different styles that we have in store and we are very excited to share with you all. If you are anxious to hear it, and want exclusive access, go and check out our brother Dre's twitch channel at Dre will be sharing snippets throughout his stream for exclusive members of the community! You must be subscribed to his channel to see the exclusive content.



We have been working on our new studio for about 3 months now and we are just about 85% finished! Looking forward to the new and improved studio! (Rates will go up from here so get your services now before they go up!). There will be 2 active studios where our team works and the new one will be accepting sessions with outside artists and musicians!



AMP is officially working with an up-and-coming rapper from the CANADA area!

We have officially broaden our horizons and are currently working on a 14 - 16 track album for an artist who shall not be named at this time. As time goes on we will slowly reveal the details. But for now, you will have to wait in suspense!


2021 Merch?

If all goes well for the release of "Khoas with a Kiss" EP, we will be pondering the idea of creating some merch representing our EP and our AMP art! Is this something you would be looking foward to, we really want to hear from you?


Well geez, what else is next???

That is a great question! We are looking to hear from you! What would you like to see come from Asteroid Muziq Productions? We are interested in your opinions and inquiries! We would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave us a comment on our contact page! We will be sure to respond and we thank you in advanced for your input and support!

From all of us here at Asteroid Muziq Productions, thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

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