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Asteroid Muziq Productions is a collective of musicians, producers, vocalist, and DJ's looking to imprint the world with good quality music.  We are looking to revive music that tells a positive and caring story.



Dre (formerly known as AstroBoi) is the Founder and CEO of Asteroid Muziq Productions®.  Based out of the Garden State of New Jersey, his musicianship was established at the very early age of 4 years old. At the time, Dre would often memorize hit radio songs to sing and perform them wherever there was an audience present.

Over the years, he developed an undying passion for music as he learned how to play a variety of instruments. As his mastery over each instrument grew, new music styles were unlocked for him to later serve as sources of inspiration he uses in his production today. To satisfy his desire to dive even deeper into the world of performing arts, from Middle School through College, Dre played in every local band and ensemble he could find to hone his skill.

His first major breakthrough came by playing trumpet on Beyonce’s Grammy-nominated record “Deja-vu” featuring Jay-Z, while he attended The University of the Arts. That experience undoubtedly, left a lasting impression on Dre. It was then, that he realized his next evolution in music was to transition from a classically trained musician to music production.Dre seeks to continually develop his sound to establish himself as a trailblazer in the world of music, much like his heroes, Dark Child, Timbaland, Pharrell, and Thundercat who inspired him. Dre has recently partnered with the prolific singer-songwriter, vocal producer ArthurDash (also known as AD) to create a new and improved production team, AD.D.. Their synergistic collaboration set the stage for the release of their first single “On Guard” that was released in March of 2020.




ArthurDash (also known as AD) is an American-born singer-songwriter who hails from the Garden State, New Jersey. His love for music was first sewn into the fabric of his life by his mother, a former member of the Tri-State Mass Choir led by the late, great Edwin Hawkins. Over the years, AD nurtured his ability to write songs as he explored other genres of music ranging from Rhythm and Blues to Country, while performing on historic stages such as the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

Much like his musical heroes, he strives to write songs that touch the hearts and souls of their listeners. ArthurDash has recently partnered with Dre the Prod of Asteroid Muziq Productions to form the production team, AD.D., for the release of their first single “On Guard” which was released in Q1 of 2020.


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